2012/2013 Arbor Range added!

Woohoo! We’ve added the 2012/2013 range of Arbor Snowboards on the site.

And we are underway with the rest of the brands too. Stayed tuned!

Massive thanks to the awesome work of Diana who’s been helping us with snowboard finder.


K2 and Gnu boards are now on the site

We’ve added the 2012 Gnu and K2 range into the catalog.

There’s also a new feature we are testing on the product details page called “Price History”.

Some more 2012 Snowboard Gear on the site

Yup, we’ve uploaded a bunch of Burton and Salomon gear.

Oliver is busy working on a cool piece of tech which should hopefully make product updates on our site easier and more fun for us to do too 🙂

We’ve also learned in this time that we are pretty crap at updating the blog 😛
When’s there’s riding to be had… well you know 🙂

Slow product updates/additions

One of us is snowboarding in NZ, the other is overseas, so our internet access is a little limited

We’re slowly adding some new products in when we can.

There is a new tool that we are working though. It’ll help speed up the addition of new products to the catalog as well as make it easier to put older gear on there.

Why do we want to put older gear online? Because there are some wicked sales!!!

Stay tuned

Timelapse of our home mountain, Mt Ruapehu, NZ

Here’s an awesome video made by Jared Brandon which captures our home mountain in New Zealand in a sweet light.

Very nice.

New site launched!

Many nights and weekends have been spent making the new version of Snowboard Finder and now we can release it to the world 😀 .

We’ve made the interface a bit snappier by letting you browse the products range using new fangled web 2.0 technologies.

You can see the discount percentage in the products list and there is also the ability to filter by sale items.

The products page itself lists a cleaner price list too.

We have some more features which we will be rolling out soon. One of them is a price history graph. We’ve been logging the pricing changes for all products in the catalog and soon you’ll be able to see how the price changes over the course of the years. This is handy for older stock items.